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We love to keep our clients on the front, make an enjoyable journey, and always keep to big picture in mind.

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With the CRM system you have prepared for us, we can now easily share files and organize appointments with the calendar more quickly. E-mail notifications, secret and encrypted files with the treasure required for client privacy functions are available in the CRM system. Especially in terms of accounting, both the bill is more practical to prepare and follow. Thank you for your contribution to the Praktijk Metaphora team.

Enes Avcı - Praktijk Metaphora,

User experience and mobile application is the most important process to reach the clients and we are very pleased with this process to execute with Digitalcake.

Ömer Ekinci - Desnet Technology

We would like to thank Digitalcake for renewing our website, simplicity and quick work and holding our company introduction in the foreground.

Mahmut Munir Güzel - TJT Tourism, Tokyo, Japan

It is now easier to manage scholarship applicants from all over Anatolia with the scholarship system developed by Digitalcake.

Nil Çeltek - İstanbul Sanayi Odası Vakfı, İstanbul/Turkey

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